Deco Deco

It has been too long since my last post, I have been quite preoccupied with the winter colds that have been rotating through the family.  It as been quite frustrating as I have been having so many great design ideas but not the time to put any of them into action.  
I have been getting quite inspired by the Art Deco movement again, it is a theme that has been running through my life as a designer.  The use of colour and pattern really appeals to me. 
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Pierre Legrain bound book 1907-1970 & Rose Adler bound book 1929-31

belinda pieris, wallets, bags, jewellery, leather, blog

Designed by Natalia Goncharova 1923

belinda, pieris, wallets, bags, jewellery, blog

F.Gregory Brown furnishing fabric 1922

belinda pieris, blog

Designed by Clarice Cliff Sunray Vase 1929-30

belinda pieris, blog

Norman Bel Geddes, Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corporation. New York 1924.
All images from Art Deco 1910-1939 NGV exhibition catalogue.