Design in Bloom


I like to start my design process with a spark of inspiration.  Inspiration can come from many influence, but one of my favorite things to do is to drop into Flowers Vasette. Vasette is a magical flower world where you can find extraordinary variety and beautiful seasonal inspiration.   When my daughter joins me on my visits she is given a single rose to take home and her face always lights up with delight.



Drawing inspiration from my surroundings, this miraculous Pink Waratah Telopea or ‘Brimstone Passion' totally captured me. This stunning bloom is to be the inspiration behind the signature embroidery of my upcoming Winter collection.



To broaden this process I then create an inked version of the artwork, further refining the embroidery details.  This is a task that could be done on my computer but I prefer the hands-on approach and feel that the end result is always stronger.



Scanning my inked artwork into my computer, I then create a perfect digital form for the embroidery machine.  I spend time choosing thread colours and giving detailed information on the depths of colour and stitch quality.



My aim is always to create beautiful, lustrous embroideries that will also be hardwearing on my wallets and bags. It takes several rounds of swatches and adjustments before I achieve the desired quality I’m looking for.



Here is a sneak peek at the finished wallet design drawn from my inspiration.

This piece will be available in three beautiful colours and will launch in-store February 2018.


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