Women of Style

I wanted to take a moment to shine a light on some amazing women who have a love of fashion, who embrace age and celebrate experience.
You may have noticed a shift in fashion influences of late, there’s an influx of fashion-savvy woman aged 40+ who are challenging the out-dated notion that as you age you can’t stay stylish!
With social media at the forefront of the fashion world it’s these types of influencers who are humanising platforms like Instagram and offering a point of view from a group of fashion enthusiasts who have otherwise been overlooked!
I’ve recently shared Belinda Pieris pieces with the beautiful Deborah Gates whose known for her fashion blog Stylish Murmurs. Deborah has such an interesting and practical approach to fashion. She wears beautifully minimal pieces that offer a modern edge and that always look sleek and elegant.
Deb shares her pearls of fashion wisdom with her ever-growing following and offers a real life insight into her day-to-day wardrobe choices. Her blog showcases so many amazing Australian made labels and brings attention to the notion of ‘slow’ and sustainable fashion. It’s safe to say I am a big supporter of what she does!
One thing that Deborah has helped highlight for me is that, as we age we have a deeper understanding of our taste in fashion. We tend to know the styles that suit our body shapes and we value the sort of clothing that adds function to our wardrobe.
I personally tend to look for basics that are easy to wear and comfortable but that can be complimented with an investment piece or bold accessory. I’m always on the hunt for pieces that transcend passing trends and that will stand the test of time!  I like playing with a mix of conventional and unique silhouettes in monochromatic colours that I can then pair with pieces from my Belinda Pieris collection.

Get inspired, just like I have with these amazing women The Visible Woman or other influencers like @thestylishwoman, @bagandaberet, @fridainmycloset and the incredible Icon Accidental.
Remember, fashion should be fun and make you feel comfortable and fresh. Take a leaf out of the book of these stylish ladies and BE BOLD, be comfy, be fabulous at any age!