Full Circle at the NGV

The National Gallery of Victoria has been a focal point in the story of my life.  As a child I have memories of lying on the floor of the great hall and looking up at the ceiling by Leonard French, of running my hand across the water window with the smell of chlorine in the air and of being told not to touch anything and to speak quietly in this temple of reverence!
In my university days I remember catching a quick tram from RMIT for some inspiration, only to dart back again for my next class. In my adult years as a designer attending talks and exhibition launches, and now as a mother I feel as though things have come full circle with my children having special days at the gallery with me.  
A lot has changed at the NGV from when I was a child; these days the exhibitions are interactive and engaging, not just showing the 'masters' but showing modern art, from installation to fashion and even exploring technology in the arts landscape.
Although the NGV is no longer a place of hushed conversations, some things never change; my kids still lie on the floor of the Great Hall and still run their hands along the water window making hand prints on the stone. 
As the NGV is so dear to me, I am so very excited to have my designs sold in the NGV design store this month.  The NGV is showcasing my Waratah Squire Wallet in Licorice-Carmine and my Waratah Slimline Wallet in Licorice. 
Pop in for a visit to the NGV this month and surprise your mum with a Belinda Pieris wallet for Mother’s Day! 

Oliver and Jasmine enjoying the ceiling of The Great Hall created by Leonard French.

Waratah Slimline Wallet in Licorice.

My Oliver enjoying the recent interactive exhibition Flower Obsession by Yayoi Kusama.

Waratah Squire Wallet in Licorice-Carmine.

My kids all time favourite exhibition 'The Island Bird' by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto.  I’m always heading up the escalators to see if it’s there again!

In-store at the NGV, featuring my wallets.

Jasmine running her hand along the water window. 


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