Life In Style

It was great to catch up with friends at Life In Style trade fair this weekend.  I didn't showcase my label this time around but could not resist to have a walk around and gossip with my Comrades in small creative business. 
The thing about running a small business is that you work alone and make decisions on your own based on gut feelings an event like this is great to feel part of a community and here the stories of others facing similar decisions.  This past year has really tested us all as the retail land scape is changing so dramatically.  As a producer it is becoming harder to wholesale and it seems to be more about direct selling be it web-shop or at designer markets. So where is this all leading?
The thing that always stands out to me at an event like this is; here you have hundreds of small creative business, passionate, very hard working often juggling young families.  Business that are making funky, cool, beautiful products that are willing to jump in the deep end to bring as all products to love. 
It's great to know that I'm not alone.
We must all be just that little bit crazy as well!  
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Life In style
belinda pieris, blog
 Keep Resin by Alice Keep, love the candy colours
belinda pieris, blog
Oh and thanks Rik from Smug designs for this awesome brooch and great dinner conversation!