Say it with Flowers!

Being a mum is messy, not just standing on Lego in bare feet kind of messy, but a thousand things running through your mind messy.  It’s holding and juggling all the elements of your family’s daily life in your mind and making magic so that somehow everything ends up running smoothly. From logistics to emotional support, it’s putting everyone else before yourself!
Relaunching Belinda Pieris was a creative gift to myself; it makes life much crazier, but when I sit down with a paint brush in my hand, I have found myself again.

Over the years I have received many wonderful testimonials from customers, I love hearing about the lives my designs take on.  I particularly love hearing stories from mum's, they often make me giggle and as it’s mother’s day this week I thought I would share with you an excerpt from a wonderful email I recently received from a customer.
“I have had this wallet for over 10 years but after running over it and getting it wet- sadly it is demising!  "I still love it"
"It's been drenched in water as water bottles leaked in hand bag- drooled on and used as teething ring for my boys- ran over twice (left it on the roof of my car while putting baby in seat)."
"It has just stretched and stitching coming apart from the trauma!!!! "If it was looked after better I’d think she would still be going!!"
"I can't wait to get my new wallet, Tammy."

Keep the stories coming beautiful people!