Below the Waves

Nature is an endless source of inspiration.  My eye is always drawn to its fluid lines, web like structures and intricate textures. 
One of the most fascinating examples of nature’s bold beauty, lies beneath the waves. A place where coral architecture plays home to spectacular texture and colour. Alien like bulbous jewels glisten; where luminescent scales flash past; waves breathe life into blades of sea grass, and where you discover colours in the most slanderous combinations.
In this world, I find endless colour pallets just waiting to be explored, and for this winters collection I found myself drawn to shimmers of aquatic blues, pearlescent lavenders and rich teals. It’s this place that helped inspire the signature coral design on the Coral Etched Slimline Wallet, also the textural twist on the Mer Evening Clutch with its laser cut scales.
With design on my upcoming Summer collection underway, this oceanic theme is still on my mind. Would you like to see where this sea breeze could take us?

From top to bottom, left to right.