Retro Revival

Belinda Pieris Retro Squire Leather Wallet with Embroidery Art
Starting with a secondhand 20th Century Modern table and chairs that were gifted to my husband, and inspired by the TV series MAD MEN; a love of 20th Centry design has infused its way into my home décor and now inspired my latest embroidery for the ‘Retro Squire Wallet’.
Designing embroideries is such an inspiring process. A process that for me can include becoming totally immersed in a particular style or aesthetic. This can be by exploring different textures, colour combinations, or spotting eye-catching patterns that have design potential.
When delving into this ‘retro’ aesthetic I couldn’t help but miss the sense of fun the 60's and 70’s brought to the world of design.
Living in Melbourne’s outskirts today, it’s safe to say that ‘monochromania’ is in full swing! We’re so accustomed to seeing and wearing fashion that blends in, that we tend to be surprised by moments of bold or bright colour.
For me, I’ve always had such respect for women who incorporate colour into their personal style. A bold lip, handbag or statement shoe, whatever it is, it’s hard not to take a second look. 

In my opinion, colour takes confidence and confidence manifests beauty!

So here’s hoping beautiful women around the world continue to push the boundaries of mainstream fashion by flashing some colour and brightening up our days. Who knows, maybe a retro revival could be on the horizon…


Belinda Pieris Retro Squire Wallet

From top to bottom, left to right.
Embroidery Belinda Pieris Retro Squire Wallet in Licorice/Teal
Retro setting, source unknown via Pinterest
Christian Wijnants, Fall 2016 RTW, PFW
Photo of Giovanna Bataglia via Cool Chick Style Fashion
‘Infinite’ Photo by Aurelio Zen via Flickr
AALTO Slip on Square Toe Loafers by Totokaelo
Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book, 1975 via AnOther
Belinda Pieris Retro Squire Wallet in Licorice/Teal