I've been working on a new range of Shibori dyed silk scarfs for summer. Shibori technique dates from 8th century Japan and involves shaping and securing cloth, before dyeing it. There are many different forms of Shibori. There are techniques that involve folding, crumpling, stitching, plaiting, plucking and twisting. 
I love the folding technique, the triangle folds remind me of childhood memories. Memories of sitting at the kitchen bench, folding filo pastry on cheese triangles with my mum before a party. This technique to me feels like an artisan's approach. An approach where you can attend to the smallest of details, altering the size and type of string and manipulating the textile in such a way that it almost becomes three dimensional. 
I still get so excited when it comes time to clip the strings and reveal the unique pattern made by the dye. As 'the dyer' I need to work in harmony with the material and allow it to present its own unexpected and unique pattern. In this case I worked with a beautiful, soft Georgette and eco dyes.
The results.... 


Stay tuned for the release of my Shibori scarf range later this year. Each hand-made piece will be as unique as the textile art that created it.