The Art of Movement

Samuel Lee Roberts Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Dance has always been a passion of mine. I started dancing as a young child, and in my youth I dedicated my focus to becoming a professional dancer. After a series of injuries, I had to accept dance as something that was not meant to be.
I met my now husband at ballet school when I was 14. Benjamin went on to become a professional dancer, whilst I studied fashion at RMIT and started my first label: Belinda Pieris, Melbourne. When we reconnected in our mid 20’s, I was once again drawn into the world of dance and theatre.
All experiences shape us, and the skills I acquired in pursuit of my youthful passion for dance has never left me. Determination and self-discipline have guided and helped me strive toward my goals. Critical thinking, problem solving and a deep understanding of artistry, beauty and a sense of movement, have informed my design throughout my career.


Over the past year I have been particularly inspired by the beautiful photography of Ken Browar and Deborah Ory a.k.a the NYC Dance Project.

The flow of fabric, the movement caught and frozen in time, the jewel like colours, the light and shadow enhancing and capturing the artistry of these amazing, dedicated dancers.
I have been inspired by this stunning work, which calls to my passions and youthful dreams. This inspiration is reflected in the colour pallet for my Winter Collection.