Belinda Pieris is a Melbourne based artist who works in the field of embroidery art and ballet design.  Belinda holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, Honours from RMIT university.  Beginning her 23year career in the field of commercial fashion and accessories design with a focus on textile design and embroidery. In 2018, Belinda embarked on a full-time art practice, drawing on her love of dance and passion for fibre arts. She launched a passion project with a group exhibition entitled “ARTISTRY” at Melbourne Fashion Week. The exhibition focused on the connection between movement, art and fashion.

The principle theme of Belinda’s work is movement. She expresses these elements through all of her art, and finds the challenging medium of free arm embroidery to be a perfect reflection of the way light and texture reflects movement.  Belinda’ work is intricate and time consuming, creating web like assemblies held together by complex stitch structures inspired by the sculptural forms found in nature and the intertwining relationship between movement & material.

 Belinda’s unique talent of creating movement based art pieces has seen her collaborate with ballet dancers from renowned ballet companies around the world including The Australian Ballet Company, Bolshoi Theatre, Royal Ballet Company, Les Ballet De Monte Carlo and Queensland Ballet & San Francisco Ballet.  In 2019 Belinda was a collaborator and designer on the Ballet movie “Missed Nuance” directed by Niv Novak. In the same year, her work was published in a book The Style of Movement: Fashion and Dance by Ken Browar and Deborah Ory of the NYC Dance Project, and published by Rizzoli New York.  

Belinda’s work has been described as “mesmerizing beauty” MY MODERN MET

 During the pandemic lockdown of 2020, Belinda’s focus to inspire new hope through art led her to make connections with ballet artist across the globe through an Isolation sketch project celebrating the achievements and dedication of ballet artist.  Belinda was named USA ballet publications “ A Ballet Education’s Magazine” ABM’s ones to watch