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Originally founded in 2005 as a creative venture to harness the multitude of designs being imagined by Melbourne based designer Belinda Pieris, the Belinda Pieris label quickly gained reputation for its beautiful decorative textures and high quality craftsmanship.  A mix of leather, embroidery and laser cut being the hallmarks of the Belinda Pieris brand.

Belinda has design credential, studying fashion design at RMIT; later traveling the world on a traveling design scholarship and training in New York under renowned milliner Patricia Underwood.  Returning to Australia, Belinda designed for many leading Australian fashion and accessories brands before launching her label.  

Belinda brings together her distinctly wide array of skills in leather craft, handbag design, tailoring, millinery and textile surface design to create designs that celebrate a mix of graphic architectural lines and fluid shapes found in nature.

Now there is excitement in the air of the Pieris studio as work begins on a new approach to her design practice, returning to her foundations in design and hand craftsmanship.  

“In a world movement of mass production and throw away fashion, I want to turn my focus to the bespoke, handmade and artisan approach.  Bringing these values to the forefront of my design practice in a dynamic way.” 

Creativity and experimentation with traditional and modern craft techniques are the driving force behind Belinda Pieris designs, producing beautiful and practical pieces of art.  Work has begun on a series of collaborations with other designers and artisans, inspiring new ways of designing and producing accessories following the design principles that are at the foundation of all good design.

Inspired by nature and crafted with passion each piece is as individual as its owner.