Known for their elegant jewel colours & textural luxe Belinda Pieris embroidery art finds inspiration in the sculptural forms found in nature and the floral interpretations and graphic traditions in historic Japanese textiles.  Through a delicate system of tiny stitches Pieris weaves intricate silken thread to produce beautifully complex embroidery pieces of wearable art.  An expert in her field Belinda Pieris’ passion for embroidery has honed specialist skills in painting with thread, including a technique known as free-motion embroidery as well as digital machine embroidery.

Free-motion Embroidery Art: This hand technique uses a free arm machine to paint with thread.  Each embroidery piece in hand made in house by artist Belinda Pieris.  Advantages of this technique include the ability to create large scale works; unlimited colour use, a hand looking finish with lyrical lines and beautiful hand colour grading.

Computerized Machine Embroidery: This technique capitalizes on the precision that a programed needle can give. It gives the ability to have graphic patterns, clean lines and embroidery work can be reproduce exactingly. This technique is best used when the embroidery needs to be reproduced many times due to the set up cost involved. Belinda works closing with a trusted Melbourne embroidery house, supporting local made.

Pieris’ embroidery work can be found adorning ballet costumes, handbags, wallets, jewellery, shoes, evening dresses, wedding dresses, sculptural fiber arts & homewares.

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