Inside the Pieris Embroidery Atalier

A Belinda Pieris embroidery piece all begins with a spark of inspiration.  The colours and shapes in flowers and leaves, the intersecting structures found in fungi, sea life, modern architecture and vintage textile design are a rich source of inspiration.

Sketching initial idea’s and refining of lines; flows to a final water colour painting playing with colouration and mood.  A graphic template is made using a combination of hand graphic ink work and computer graphic design depending on the finial embroidery application.
Thread selection is a critical detail in transforming an embroidery.  Using beautiful Medera threads chosen for their superior quality and beautiful lustre; Pieris paw’s over tiny thread swatches to make her selections with the aim to achieve tone balance and seamless colour grading.
The Pieris embroidery atelier focuses on two main embroidery techniques, free motion embroidery art and computerised machine embroidery.  Free motion embroidery is a hand embroidery technique; fabric is tightened firmly into a wooden embroidery hoop, marking the fabric with guides the hoop is placed under a free motion embroidery machine.  The machine does a beautiful satin stitch which is fully adjustable.  With the machine threaded; the foot controls the speed, the knee controls the stitch width and the hands freely move the hoop around to build up the thread paintings one layer at a time.   Artistic decisions are a constraint while the embroidery takes shape.   Each piece is lyrically formed, and no two pieces are exactly alike.
Computerized Machine Embroidery capitalizes on the precision that a programed needle can give. It gives the ability to have graphic patterns, clean lines and embroidery work can be reproduce exactingly. This technique is best used when the embroidery needs to be reproduced many times due to the set up cost involved. Belinda works closing with a trusted Melbourne embroidery house, supporting local made.

The Belinda Pieris embroidery atelier offers a bespoke embroidery service. Find out more here