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Belinda Pieris Accessories are made using the highest quality Italian leathers and which are highly decorated with embroideries, laser cut, embossed or screen printed.

These materials will wear well when taken care of, but common sense must be taken to ensure that your item is well maintained.

Our leathers have been treated with a Scotch Guard before production so that you can start enjoying your new accessory straight away. We use cow leathers that are strong wearing. The leathers used are intended to wear and soften with age. Leather colours have been dyed, not painted on the surface. Dyed leather has a beautiful natural feel that enhances the natural characteristics of the leather, showing natural variations of the hides.
With natural leather there are sometimes small variations in the colour, feel, and surface. These are characteristics of the materials used and are part of the beauty of using natural materials and are not flaws or faults.

  • Leather protector spray can be used on your item to waterproof the leather however, as our leather has been treated in the production process, this is not necessary.
  • Leather cream or conditioner is recommended to nourish the leather and bring up its luster after wear. We recommend testing the conditioning product you choose in an inconspicuous area first, before applying to the whole accessory. Please follow the instructions of the product you choose to use. As the leather cream is reintroducing oils into the leather, it may darken lighter colours to some extent, which will fade with time. Please test the product first so that you are comfortable with the results. If you have an item that has embroidery on it please avoid getting conditioner on the embroidery. Instead, dab carefully around the embroidery and do not use a rubbing action as this may course the embroidery to pull. We use an Australian product called Waproo Zorbel leather conditioner for both cleaning and conditioning.
  • Lighter colours do mark more easily, so ensure that the leather is kept away from things such as pens and oil. Also, be careful of wearing with a new pair of jeans - the blue dye in jeans is not stable, and this dye can rub off onto lighter coloured leather. Leather cleaners can be useful but may not completely remove a stain or mark from lighter colours.
  • Be careful of the bottom corners of your bag - these get the most wear. Keeping your bag off the floor and conditioning the corners will help.
  • Also recommended is avoiding overstuffing your wallet or bag. Over stuffing your bag can place strain on all stress points in your bag, and can stretch the leather out of shape. In wallets, overstuffing card pockets will cause them to stretch over time. Once stretched they will not bounce back. We try to make our card pockets tight so that some allowance is made for the leather stretching. Of course you can put two cards in one pocket but be aware that you may have to maintain this throughout your wallet use.
Embroidery is delicate in nature and threads can pull or can be cut if brought in contact with something abrasive or sharp. Our embroideries have been designed to minimise the risk of wear and tear. To clean a mark on the embroidery area, lightly sponge with a weak wool wash solution in warm water. When cleaning use a dabbing motion; do not rub as this will pull threads. Sponge the whole panel lightly to prevent watermarking.

Belinda Pieris jewellery is made from a combination of sterling silver and leather. We recommend polishing the sterling silver regularly with a good silver cloth.

Belinda Pieris accessories are luxury items and are not made for "heavy duty" usage, due to their soft leathers and delicate embroidery. They can certainly be used every day, but they must be treated as you would a special coat or favorite pair of shoes- or best loved jewellery, with love and care.